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About us

We are a company specialized in energy saving. Through our environmentally friendly products we seek to take advantage of sources of clean and renewable energy, for more efficient use, creating a greater control and awareness of its consumption.

Solar air conditioner

Our technology uses the sun to turn gas into liquid, which is the main function of a compressor, and it is part of a conventional air conditioner that consumes the most amount of electricity. With the solar system, we lower the work of the compressor, seeking up to 70% reduction in your electricity bill.

Solar Collector

The Solar Collector has capacity to handle a compressor up to 120,000 Btu’s, that is, you will only occupy 1 collector for each capacitor up to 120,000 btu. The solar collector can be installed on any condenser of a conventional air conditioner using R410 refrigerant.

We constitute ourselves as a leading company in Costa Rica, in solutions for economic and environmentally friendly energy sources.

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